Business advisory services are provided with the aim to support your business so that you identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in specific areas.

Our economic advisory practice uses the fundamental principles of economics to address our client needs. We underpin our work with rigorous, evidence-based & practical solutions

We support investors who want to take their investment decisions themselves, while enjoying the benefits of a comprehensive & systematically organised and selected portfolio, market analysis & investment advice.

We provide independent and external advice, information and recommendations to clients on corporate issues relating to environmental issues and risk reduction.

  • Policymakers
  • Investors
  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • International development experts
  • Development institutions
  • Think-tanks
  • CEOs
  • Managers
  • International development fanatics.
  • Media Houses and news agencies
  • Governments.
  • Students
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Our Areas of Interest

Agriculture is the backbone of any economy. We delve into agriculture research and promoting it to propel economic growth in Africa and beyond.


Mining is a critical sector that contributes a lot to the global economy. We explore significance of mining on economic growth of various African countries and its implications on the global economy.


The growth potential of any economy is hinged to its energy access and availability. Energy is the one which drives economies. We  provide quality research on how African countries can explore untapped energy sources to increase their capacity levels.


A healthy workforce is a driver of any economy. We research on the public health expenditure in Africa as well as its contribution to curb deadly diseases which have affected generations and the newly emerging ones like Ebola. 


Manufacturing is a key enabler for modernisation and economic development of any country. We research on the essence of manufacturing industry and the competitiveness of African products on the global arena. 


Education is a powerful tool which for transforming the world. We research on investments in education in Africa and its returns, as well as how it can be enhanced to promote improvement in welfare of the majority of people.

digital comms

 We provide advisory services on how African countries can harness the use of technology to enhance their productivity and efficiency to fuel fast-paced economic growth & development.


We strive to see a flawless intra-African trade regime. To that end, we provide quality research proffering solutions on how this can be done. We advise on international trade & how it can be leveraged to achieve accelerated economic growth & development.

investment and entrepreneurship

We provide quality information, research, foresight and forecast to international investors who are eyeing Africa. We also provide requisite information and advice to businesses both local and international, which want to startup or expand to Africa. 

Tourism is an engine for economic growth, where an economy can receipt steady foreign currency over time. We advise on how African governments can leverage on this sector and enhance it, to create more jobs, incomes and opportunities for their people. 

    While many payroll companies offer a take-it-or-leave-it, cookie cutter approach, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual client, small or large, in virtually any industry.

    Whether you're an established business or just starting out, our flexible customized payroll service can be designed to meet your unique needs. And you can now get this complete, personalized payroll service more cost-effectively than ever before.


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