HR Administration Services

Handling employees’ documentation is a time consuming and sensitive activity that must be handled with caution, on time and by assuring maximum data security. Furthermore, if the administration of personnel files is not following local requirements or if the employee’s personal or contractual information is not accurately updated on a regular basis, this will also affect your payroll data and therefore have serious implications at both a company and employee level.

All the effort, time and additional resources spent in order to meet and keep up with local employment legislation could become overwhelming for employers, especially for international companies that also need to follow specific group policies in addition to the statutory requirements.

Therefore, as an extension of our payroll services, we also provide professional HR services; which will, regardless of the number of employees, business industry characteristics or the location of your company, take the administrative burden off your hands by supporting you with activities such as:

  • Keeping employee online evidence according to local requirements
  • Administration of employee folders/documents based on local requirements
  • Issuing of certificates or any other documents for your employees
  • Support with the monthly secure data transfer to payroll department and related documentation (timesheets, absences, benefits, etc.)
  • Registration and deregistration of resident employees to local authorities 
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for expats/non-residents and submission of registration/deregistration requests to local institutions by case: Pension House, Health Insurance House, Unemployment & Labour Institutions, Fiscal Authority, etc.
  • Representation in communication with state authorities based on power of attorney
  • Realization of all salary payments via trustee account
  • Handling social contributions and income tax payments according to local requirements
  • Full support with bank account setup
  • Handling communication with local bank representatives
  • Revision and preparation of labour contracts
  • Preparation of addendums and decisions that bring modifications to the labour contracts
  • Preparation of job descriptions according to legislation and your internal HR policy
  • Support with drafting the internal regulations clauses, or any other internal or group procedures related to employees

In more complex cases we offer full tax and labour law advisory support as well as professional trainings tailored to the needs of your internal HR department.

    While many payroll companies offer a take-it-or-leave-it, cookie cutter approach, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual client, small or large, in virtually any industry.

    Whether you're an established business or just starting out, our flexible customized payroll service can be designed to meet your unique needs. And you can now get this complete, personalized payroll service more cost-effectively than ever before.


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